FOR SALE, Mobile Medical Van, 2021 (Learn More)

“Offer patients Concierge Medicine at work or at home,” says Stacy Gilyan, CEO of Dermafix and Owner of a custom-built, medical-grade mobile unit, for sale. “The Mercedes Benz Sprinter challenges traditional brick-and-mortar medical practices and embraces the future with mobile medical solutions delivered directly to you. During this pandemic, the demand for house calls has never been greater or more imperative. Don’t let this unique opportunity to expand your practice pass you by!”


Mercedes Benz(Fully Equipped, 100% self-sufficient, quartz countertops, solar-equipped for power, Medical-Grade Mobile Unit, Professional Designed, Built) Sprinter Van, FOR SALE — Ready for Use! (Transport available if purchased and needed in a different state)

Today we sit down with Stacy Gilyan, Owner of Dermafix and designer/owner of a uniquely designed, self-sufficient medical mobile Mercedes Sprinter van, ready for use and fully equipped. With over 19 years of expertise as a medical aesthetician performing laser hair removal, skin tightening, laser skin rejuvenation, IPL treatments, chemical peels and microdermabrasion’s alongside a plastic surgeon Stacy has been a leader in the beauty industry.

Whether you’re vision has always been to take the medical office to the community, value-add a fully equipped, ready to go from day one mobile unit to your practice right now or you’re adding to a fleet, this convenient, uniquely and professionally designed medical van has been designed and built to all medical standards.

Due to personal family circumstances and COVID, Stacy is choosing to spend more time with her family so today’s conversation centers around the sale of this sophisticated medical unit. In this interview with Stacy we unpack the unique medical equipment and its capabilities are for healthcare providers who are interested in taking the medical office to the Patient.

Please CONTACT: Stacy Gilyan, Owner, or Tel. 512-917-8259

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