eVISIT: “3 Reasons Why Telehealth & Concierge Medicine Are a Perfect Pair …”

If you’re in the Concierge Medicine business, you have to operate a little differently than traditional medical practices.
Posted by , Jul. 19, 16, eVISIT
After all, your patients won’t pay a subscription fee unless you give them some added benefits: convenience, connected care, 24/7 access, frequent check-ins, and more. Concierge medicine means you’re combining top-quality healthcare with next-level customer service.

Delivering on those demands can be a challenge. How do you ensure that you’re meeting patients’ expectations? How do you know that you’re providing them with quality healthcare that justifies your subscription model?

One of the big strategies many concierge doctors are turning to is telemedicine. Telehealth is a rising force in the healthcare industry. With growing patient interest in virtual care, and more hospital systems and insurance companies expanding their telehealth offerings, online video visits between doctors and patients are likely to become an expected service in the next few years.

For concierge doctors, telehealth is an opportunity and a strategy to differentiate your practice. Here’s why telemedicine and concierge medicine make a perfect pair.

Telehealth makes healthcare more convenient for patients.

One of the mainstays of concierge medicine is giving your patients more convenient access to care, and more specifically, to you. Offering virtual visits means your patients can see you anytime, anywhere — whether they’re traveling, at work, or at home. Saving your patients that extra travel time, or the hassle of taking off work, is a huge bonus to them. It’s likely to keep them satisfied with their care and happy to stay with your practice.


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