EmployerDirect Healthcare Achieves 44% In Average Procedure Savings For Employers In 2015

AUSTIN, Texas, April 14, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — EmployerDirect Healthcare (“EmployerDirect”), a leader in value-based healthcare for large employers with self-funded medical plans, announced today that SurgeryPlus® saved an average of 44% over historical commercial rates during FY2015 (average of $7,692 per procedure), continuing to demonstrate its hard-dollar ROI proposition for clients.

SurgeryPlus® provided its clients with average Per Employee Per Year (“PEPY”) total savings of $89 across its diverse client base, including procedure savings as well as avoided procedure and complications-related savings.  Select FY2015 savings examples included a mining company that saved $342, a construction company that recognized savings of $112, and a marketing firm that obtained savings of $66 PEPY.

SurgeryPlus® is a supplemental healthcare benefit for non-emergent surgeries that provides top-quality care, a better member experience and lower costs.  SurgeryPlus’® national Surgeons of Excellence network continues to grow rapidly, currently providing members access to over 1,000, 100% board-certified, top-quality Providers.  Pre-negotiated bundled case rates minimize surgery-related fees for members, eliminating the financial burden of unexpected costs to both members and employers.  Employers traditionally save 30-50% per procedure in direct procedure costs, while members benefit from a zero out-of-pocket option.

SurgeryPlus® member Jacque H. shared, “In today’s world with medical bills sky rocketing, SurgeryPlus® offered me surgery with no forms to fill out, no hospital bill, no doctor bill and no anesthesia bill.  They made it simple for me.  The doctor and staff were top notch.  They made me feel comfortable and confident with their abilities and skills.  I wish all companies would look into SurgeryPlus® and make it part of their insurance options to their employees.”

About EmployerDirect Healthcare and SurgeryPlus®
EmployerDirect is an innovative healthcare service business providing a high-quality and cost-efficient solution for large self-funded employers and their members, creating a long overdue and positively disruptive change to the healthcare industry.  The company’s core product, SurgeryPlus®, a valuable supplemental benefit to employees of large employers with self-funded medical plan benefits, transforms the way employers provide and pay for planned medical procedures, traditionally saving 30-50% per procedure.  With a national network of 100% board-certified Surgeons of Excellence and high-quality facilities, SurgeryPlus® covers numerous procedures with pre-negotiated bundled rates, resulting in consolidated costs for each episode of care.  Dedicated Care Coordinators offer full-concierge service to covered members, assisting them with selecting physicians, scheduling appointments, transferring medical records, coordinating logistics and following up post-procedure, reducing unnecessary stress and improving the member experience.

For more information about EmployerDirect Healthcare and SurgeryPlus®, please visit or call (855) 200-9511.

For Media Inquiries:
Michelle Wong
Director of Marketing & Communications
(214) 736-3879


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