Cleveland Clinic Makes An Important Step To Take Telehealth Mainstream. ~Fast Company

The brand-name hospital has partnered with CVS’s MinuteClinics and American Well.

By Christina Farr 04.13.16 8:00 AM

When most of us imagine a doctor’s office, we think of a windowless waiting room with few amenities except for a pile of out-of-date magazines. But in a decade from now, our experience of the doctor’s office might also include a virtual consultation from the comfort of our living rooms. Increasingly, patients are turning to phone or video to consult with a physician from a distance. To meet the growing demand, more than a dozen companies have emerged to provide secure technology for virtual visits between doctors and patients. Telehealth, as it’s often called, is expected to be worth $34.27 billion by the end of 2020. It’s a hot market, but its critics have rightly questioned whether it will ever become mainstream. (Has your grandma heard of it?)



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