Interview with Russell Davis: “Finding hospital winners in the retail revolution.”


Learn the five key characteristics that tomorrow’s hospital winners are exhibiting today.

Source: The Advisory Board 

JANUARY 2015 – The retail revolution is transforming the health care industry, and not every hospital is going to transition well—not even the most prestigious providers.

In our latest video, managing director Russell Davis explains the five differentiators for your successful hospital partners in a retail marketplace.

For more information, visit advisory.com/hcic/transformation.

SOURCE: http://www.advisory.com/research/health-care-industry-committee/multimedia/finding-hospital-winners-in-the-retail-revolution

Russell Davis serves as a business and operational leader in The Advisory Board Company’s Industry Vertical and Health Care IT Advisor where he is responsible for strategy, operations, consulting, and new product development. His recent work has focused on the role of information technology on health care reform. He has worked to shape the research programs and introduce a new service designed to help providers realize their meaningful use incentives and prepare their organizations for the post-reform era.

Russell earned an MBA from Loyola College of Maryland, and holds a Bachelors of Business Administration from The Ohio State University.

Prior to joining the Advisory Board, Russell was managing director of the financial services practice at the Corporate Executive Board, a best practices research organization. He has also served organizations as a management consultant and has experience in strategic planning and M&A working in an in-house corporate development team.

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