Good Design Is Good Business: In a Google driven, retail medicine environment, physicians and dentists need to be mindful of their brand as well as their reputation.

Elvis and the Fish Tank

Dan Greenfield | July 23, 2014

Health Space Design

Elvis and a tropical fish tank may seem an odd  way to launch our medical interiors blog for physicians, dentists, practice or hospital administrators.

But let us explain our thinking.

The Elvis in question is a clock that got a few shout outs in Yelp reviews for an Austin, TX allergy and asthma clinic. Patients loved it and took the time to post their experiences. In addition to this photo, another started her review by saying: “the receptionist was as pleasant as can be. The waiting room featured not only free WiFi, but a “swiveling hips” Elvis clock.”

Fish tanks were also a hit and mentioned in several other Yelp review sites

Along with the comment  of “Cool fish tank in the lobby” at Capital City Pediatric,  patients at Austin Immediate Care posted, “There is a really cool saltwater aquarium that would probably amuse my daughter for hours.” While another noted,”The atmosphere was clean and well decorated. A salt water fish tank proved to provide adequate entertainment as we watched the clown fish swim while the attendant entered our information into the computer.”

Our point  is this:

Fish tanks and Elvis clocks are not the stuff of design magazines and architectural awards, but they may lead to a more rewarding patient experience.  More than a time piece and an aquarium, they are distractions that put patients at ease, build trust and form connections with other patients and caregivers.

Health Space Design

Moving forward our goal here is to continue offering you practical advice, helpful tips (and ideas you may not have considered) when finding, designing, renovating, expanding and maintaining your office space, clinic or facility.

We know you are busy. Your focus should treating patients and managing a practice, not selecting finishes and furniture for your practice or clinic.

Good Design Is Good Business

To us, Elvis and those fish tanks embody our belief that “good design is good business.”

Design is more than picking colors and fabrics;  At its core, embracing good design contributes to a positive experience for both patients and staff.

Health Space Design - Fish Tank

From a business perspective, happier patients and staff mean better outcomes and an increased likelihood of return visits and referrals.

In a Google driven, retail medicine environment, physicians and dentists need to be mindful of their brand as well as their reputation. The finishes you choose, the furniture you select and the way you maintain your office all reveal something about you and the quality of your care.

And as the Yelp postings demonstrate, your patients are willing to go online and share they experiences.

Drawing from my business partner Patricia’s Fortenberry’s extensive medical interiors experience, we will help you make good interior design decisions that reflect your taste, save you time and money and meet your needs and those of your patients and your staff.

But going the extra mile, our insider tips will make your medical office space stand out while helping you avoid costly pitfalls. We will also bring to your attention articles on medical, real estate and technology trends that can impact you and your practice.

Medicine is serious, and design is important; but there’ s no reason we can’t have some fun.  Feel free to share unique features in your office space that draw a positive response from your patients.

Health Space Design - Prescription for SuccessPrescription for success: So what’s the take away? Make your office space inviting. Consider personal touches and amenities that will humanize your office space, provide distractions and reduce stress.

SOURCE: http://www.healthspacedesign.com/blog/

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